Abuse and mental health

Victims of Violence and Psychiatric Illness
Elaine (Hilberman) Carmen, Patricia Perri Rieker, and Trudy Mills
American Journal of Pshychiatry, 1984

Abuse and psychiatry illness

Only in the last decade have mental health professionals begun to examine the extent to which victims are represented in a variety of clinical settings. For example, _and_reported that 3.8% of the women presenting to an emergency trauma service and 3.4% of the women presenting to an emergency psychiatric service had been battered by men with home they were intimate. However, when Stark and Associates analyzed new data from the same emergency room trauma service, they concluded that “that physicians saw 1 out of 35 of their patients as battered, a more accurate approximation is 1 in 4; where they acknowledge that 1 injury out of 20 resulted from domestic abuse, the actual figure approached 1 in 4. What they described as a rare occurrence was in reality an event of epidemic proportions.”

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