Elder abuse: “too often, family members are the abusers.”

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Elder abuse is the physical, emotional, sexual, or financial mistreatment of an elderly person, including neglect and abandonment. Most states have laws specifically addressing elder abuse, and most offer protective services for the elderly. Although many reported elder abuse cases occur in nursing homes, too often, family members are the abusers. The following resources cover the basics of elder abuse, explain the different types of abuse, and provide a list of warning signs along with contact information for reporting abuse. [Emphasis added]

Elder Abuse Overview

One commits elder abuse by subjecting a senior citizen to physical,emotional or sexual mistreatment; by neglecting or abandoning a senior; or by exploiting a senior for financial or material gain. Even self-neglect, whereby a senior citizen fails to perform essential self-care tasks, may be characterized as elder abuse for purposes of referring a case…

Most experts agree that elder abuse usually happens in the victim’s own home, or the home/facility of his or her caregiver, and the perpetrator frequently is a family member. Victims often are too confused about abusive acts; are kept isolated; are unwilling to report a family member; or, if it is financial abuse, are unaware of it.


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